Friday, December 13, 2013

Mental Attitude : Generosity

I live in Los Angeles and people are often late to appointments in this town.  As "Queen Adeline" this used to upset me!  "Why are people so rude?  Do they think that their time is more valuable than mine?"  This attitude is not only detrimental to my mental health, but it's is also destructive to those around me. 

There is ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS a positive way to look at things.  My appointment just called and asked if it was okay to be 15 minutes late.  I said no problem.  I didn't judge him.  I am not going to punish him.  I took this "gift" and wrote this blog.

If instead of getting mad when things don't turn out like you want them to, how about:

-  Pausing

-  Taking a DEEP breath (or 7)

-  Being generous to your own psyche by finding the GIFT in the moment

Having a positive mental attitude takes consistency over time.  And there will be times when you may get frustrated or angry.  Don't judge yourself, instead considering shortening the negative thoughts.  If it normally takes you a day to get over a disappointment, how about trying to let yourself be upset for only an hour and do the above steps?

I have a little running list on my iPhone right now that is entitled, "What's the gift".  It has been an amazing tool to re-focus me on happiness!

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