Monday, December 2, 2013

Tenacity + Generosity = Success

Why does :  T + G = S?  Here is why this formula works.

Firstly: we all have goals.  What we consider to be a successful life?  Whether is is losing 15lbs.  Having a loving relationship.  Buying a Porsche.  But in order to create happiness we have to move towards our goals.  Progress feels good.

Tenacity: it takes consistent disciplined action to attain any goal.  Incremental and regular activity.  These tenacious behaviors can only be defined by ME by myself for myself.  Although we have access to boundless information on every subject online, we need to listen to our own wisdom and intelligence around what we need to vigorously do to attain our goals.

But here is the trap that many of us fall into:

Being attached to our actions create results.  If I am tenacious and I don't get immediate results (I am an inpatient woman) then I will stop doing the activities to create my success.  It is a vicious and unproductive cycle.

Instead, I need to create a reward system, that is under my control, to make sure that I always win if I take the tenacious action.

Generosity: giving back to yourself for doing what you said you would do to reach your goals regardless of the results of your actions.  It's an "if I eat within my calories of 1450 today and do 30 minutes of exercise - then I will treat myself to a little CHOCbite as a gift".  Then the weighing in won't be as important.

Success: and believe me when I say that if you take the tenacious actions and consistently rewards yourself for the good behaviors, you will always have success.  It is the journey after all that defines the pleasure!

What actions do you need to take to attain a goal of yours?  How can you reward yourself for taking them?

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