Sunday, December 8, 2013

Spirituality : Generosity

In order to replenish energy in the realm for your spirit, consider consistently doing a "spiritual cleanse".  We have heard of cleansing your body for health through nutrition, fasting or even colonic treatments, but how about an internal energy clearing?

Do you remember the scene in the great movie, "The Green Mile", when seemingly toxic energy is sucked out by the giant prisoner?

It is important to release negative energy.  There are many ways that this can be done:

- Talk Therapy
- Hypnotherapy
- Energy Healing Work
- Body Work Massages
- Journaling

Whatever works best for you, having this clearing consistently (and especially after traumatic events like death, divorce or any other loss) will help you stay self loving and therefore continue to love others.

In what ways can you be generous to your aura?

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