Saturday, December 14, 2013

Relationships : Generosity

It can be tough to watch a person that we love go through any type of hardship.  But, what I have noticed is that it is in the face of overcoming a great challenge that we grow self respect and self love.  Knowing this, how could you deny your loved one of such an experience?

Next time you "know better" or can "do it faster" or "more accurately", consider:

- Allowing their own unique process

- Not interrupting their lessons, their way

- Permitting their personal growth by overcoming adversity with their own strategy

- Allowing kinesthetic learning by fixing with their own hands

- Watching instead of pushing (which may have us learn a new way!)
It can be difficult at first, definitely, but very quickly the results will prove themselves.  Be generous with your loved ones and let them fall and learn to get up for themselves.  After all - you will not always be there to save them!

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