Thursday, December 19, 2013

Physical Surroundings : Tenacity

It seems like an obvious thing that having a tidy and clean house would be a contribution to success wouldn't it?  I have seen an extreme correlation between effectiveness at work and cleanliness at home.

Making sure that your living quarters are serene is a requirement for happiness.  Here are some ideas:

- Always make your bed, no matter what
- Fix anything that is broken (yes that includes changing light bulbs)
- If you hate cleaning, hire help
- Read the book "Getting Things Done" by David Allen for organizational ideas
- Make sure the scent of your home is to your liking
- Schedule time for upkeep (literally put it on your calendar)
- Play some wonderful music
- Have a living plant
- Serve your food on pretty dishes, every day!

A peaceful and hygienic house is an element of a happy life!

What do you do to keep your physical surroundings serene?

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