Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mental Attitude : Generosity

What is the purpose of waking up and writing 3 or 4 "context" words?  (For the T + G = S program)

- you get to pick who you are going to be today

- you have power over the direction of your whole existence

- you choose the filter in which your day flows

It's truly remarkable.  Since I have been filling our my daily worksheets - I have noticed that life has shifted into my consciously chosen INTENTION! 

It has been customary to set annual intentions at the new year - but those are macro intentions.  It's great to choose a "theme" for your year, however, how about your DAILY perspective?

I am off to play a tennis tournament today (wish me luck) and here are MY daily context words:

1. Fun

2. Win

3. Healthy

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