Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Higher State.

It's important to stay out of fear if you want to stay in BLiSS. I used to spend a lot of time worrying about things. Now - sometimes - I can control my mind and stop the worry and sometimes I can't. But I have a strategy.

If I am having any anxieties that I want to stop - I ask myself a series of questions:

1.  Is it really true?  Or am I creating the thought in my own illusion?
2.  It is a useful thought?  Does it help me further my life?
3.  Does it make me feel good thinking that thought?
4.  Are the thoughts kind to myself?  And to others?
5.  Do I want my attention on this subject matter?  What I focus on expands!
6.  Does it serve my commitment to happiness?

And then there are things that DO need my attention that are scary.  When I have worries that I can't stop with wrangling my thoughts - then I have to take action. Here is an example:

I am not very technically inclined. And I used my computer every day, all day long, from home. I rely on my internet access and laptop for my income and communicating with my loved ones too. I store important information on it that needs to be safe and secure too. 

My husband is very savvy in this arena, but do I really want him coming home and having him to deal with my computer issues? No I do not. I would rather spend that time having quality conversations with him!!!  

So - I have a service that protects me.  They keep the spam off. They keep my computers secure. They help when something goes wrong. And most importantly they keep me ONLINE!  They are called - "Higher State Technology". A virtual IT company that saves me worrying about my computers functioning efficiently and effectively.

Ask yourself this:  I am worried.  Can I do something about it?  If no - then stop worrying.  If yes - then DO SOMETHING about it - and then STOP WORRYING.

If you want to stay in BLiSS and are having anguish about any subject matter - take my test and see if there truly is something that you can do about it - if not then LET IT GO!!! Thank your mind for the concern and release it.  Be free.

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