Monday, September 14, 2015

Leading A Life of BLiSS.

An attitude of gratitude is very important.  Being thankful for what is here and now needs presence and open heartedness.  Tomorrow I am turning 42 years old.  Here are some things that I am VERY thankful for:

1.  I have incredible friends and family members.  I am loved beyond belief.  These people are kind, generous, compassionate, thoughtful, grateful, smart, contributive, peaceful and HAPPY.  

2.  I weigh 145 lbs.  This is a healthy feeling weight for my 5'6" frame.  I have tons of energy.  I feel and look SEXY.

3.  I live in America.  Southern California.  Beverly Hills.  The weather is perfect every day.  People on the street smile at each other.  It's beautiful.  I walk to the grocery store (Whole Foods).  It's luxury.  Truly heaven on Earth (for me).

4.  I am married to the most unconditionally loving, intelligent and funny person that I have ever met.  He is beautiful inside and out.  And we have so much fun.  And there is so much love between us.  My heart is overflowing.

5.  We have NO DEBT.  No car debt.  No credit card debt.  No mortgage (because we rent).  No student loans.  It's AWESOME.

And perhaps someone might look at these and say, "Well - of course you are happy - I would be too if I had YOUR life!!!"

But this life is of MY CREATION.  Look at my life just 5 years ago:

1.  My friends were mostly people who drank a lot or did drugs.  Or shopped constantly.  Or watched TV all the time.  Or were highly reactive to small situations.  Or were very unforgiving.  Or were very ungrateful for their blessings.  They weren't LIVING - they were just surviving.  And the family members that I was choosing to spend time with were the problem ones too.  They caused great pain - as it was tough for me to see their cheating and destructive ways.  They had a huge lack of awareness and kindness.  

2.  My weight was 195 lbs.  A full 50 lbs heavier than I am now.  

3.  I was living in Austin, Texas - far away from my wonderful Aunt, Uncle, cousins and Grandma.  The weather was either too hot or too cold for me.  And the BUGS ugh!  It just wasn't "home" for me.  Yeah - it's much cheaper to live there for sure - but for me - I would rather have a MUCH smaller quality luxurious pad than a huge rubbish one miles away from a grocery store.

4.  I was married to a man who decided to start partying hard  - after I had two ectopic pregnancies (the second one on Valentines Day 2010 rendering me unable to have babies) and lost my big corporate job.  After meeting some more "fun" people at a pub in Austin at the Holland (he's Dutch) vs Brazil football game - he started going clubbing until late hours coming home wasted at 4am.  He left me in August of that year (right after getting his American passport sponsored through me) and started dating the young Brazilian fun girl.

5.  My (ex) husband and I had TONS of debt.  Houses.  Credit Cards.  Cars (he needed to change cars often for some reason - and don't get me started about buying new tires every three or four months)!!.  And even though I didn't have a job (and he didn't earn enough to pay the mortgage and bills) - he was still going out and spending money on drinks and dinners out.  Flying home business class to visit his Mum.  It was awful.  He left me in that big house to pay the mortgage on unemployment!!!  He even sent me bills for some programming he did for my web site.  

Yup.  This was all just 5 years ago.  

So - my life now is through a deep commitment to BLiSS.  I learned to meditate to clear my head.  With my new awareness I made more conscious decisions around who I spend my time with, what I eat, how I spend (no more impulse spending), how I treat my husband and what my life looks like.  I make my bed every morning.  I cook every day.  I write letters and thank you cards to people.  I tithe with my money and my time.  I learn and grow.  I feed my soul spiritually.  I apologise to myself or others when I screw up.  I get back on my happiness plan almost immediately.

Whatever happiness looks like to you - go for it.  Start putting your goals together, take action towards them and you will achieve them.  But make your goals heart centred, not frivolous.  And make sure that they are YOUR goals and not those of your peers, family or a designers marketing department. 

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