Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Zen neutrality.

In an ideal world - I would be able to be present at all times just like Eckhart Tolle. In reality - I haven't mastered the ability to completely flow with "what is". I still see myself disappointed - because I was attached to an expectation or outcome. I can feel fear and anger - things that you are freed of once you reach his level of spirituality.  

What I know for sure is that BLiSS only exists in a place of mystical and peaceful presence. Ecstasy can only be accessed in the here and now. True sustained happiness can only be achieved with a grateful love affair with what already is.

As soon as judgment and what "should be" creep into my life - I can feel hurt and resentful.  

But alas - I am Adeline - and not Eckhart - so it does happen.  As with any practice - I am improving.  I am noticing when I flare up and sometimes I am actually able to return to presence.

But what about "toxic" people - that is not "bad" people - but people that pull me off my path.  Well - I have made a decision:

For now - I will remove them from my life.

I know - this doesn't sound very BLiSSful does it? Just "dump" people because they aren't optimistic and elevating? Well - I have given this a great deal of thought - and, yes, for me at this time - this is the course that resonates. It's not that I don't love them. They are fine people. But right now - I just don't have the tools and strength in the BLiSS department to handle their way of being.

Here is the best analogy I can come up with: in 2006 I quit smoking - cold turkey. It was a difficult thing to do but I was committed to it. Unfortunately - at that time I had a lot of friends that smoked and I wasn't yet strong enough to be able to spend time with them. I had to put space between myself and smokers to give myself a chance to overcome my pack a day habit. And so it was - it took a year - but I no longer missed my dear  ciggies (Marlborough Lights) - and I never smoked again.

It's okay to need a break from people that are not aligned with you path. They will be freed to find people vibrating at their level who will have much more compassion for them.

As I write this - I know that I don't have patience for people who enjoy unhappiness. I can't be around complainers or ungrateful people. I don't want to spend even a moment with people who's primary emotion is fear of the future or bitterness for the past.

Right now - I am going to take care of myself and surround myself with people working on choosing love, humility, gratitude, optimism, laughter, peace, equanimity and BLiSS as their primary experiences.

And those that don't want to be happy - bye bye (at least for now).

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