Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Crown yourself.

There are so many Gurus out there.  You can find "experts" on "how to do" just about anything.  And it's definitely okay to get information - but don't let anyone else "rule" your life - other than you.

You are the King or Queen of your happiness.  Take responsibility for it.  Only you can truly decipher which decisions are the course to take. 

Consider that there is no true "right" or "wrong" decision - so just pick the path that resonates with your soul and embrace the lessons that follow. And know that other than death - there are no permanent events - so your mind can be changed.

BLiSS exists when your inner desires and passions are aligned with your external actions.  It is important however to not be attached to the results and outcomes of your actions.  Just to live in a way that you are truly enjoying your journey.

As always - I like to use a current example of my life.  Today I am at the local DMV office to change my legal name to "Cook" my married name.  I have many choices in how I behave here.  I could cross my arms over my chest and frown at the 1+ hour wait.  Be annoyed.  Sigh and give dirty looks to the employees.  Allow my mind to say, "See how terrible the government is!!!"  Or - instead - I could marvel at all of the people's different clothing choices.  Feel grateful that I have a car.  Offer my neighbor a sweetie.  Practice patience and being in flow with life.  Send loving vibes to the staff.  And smile at the cute puppy.

You see - I will be here for over an hour either way - but HOW I choose to spend my time here is all up to me.

And - I - Queen Adeline (now Cook) am the ultimate ruler of my own thoughts and actions - choose to smile, be peaceful, be kind, be generous, be present and be BLiSS.

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