Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How did I release 50 lbs???

It definitely was a process that helped me drop the weight.  But the combination of all listed below - not only did I get back to my original weight, but I also felt happy too.  After all - the eating was an emotional reaction to a bland life.

Take pieces of this, all of this, or add to this - whatever feels right for YOU.  

- Listened to my inner knowing instead of peer pressure, stress decision making, being impulsive, doing what I think I "should" or making fear based decisions.

- Self love forgiving myself for past mistakes.

- At peace with life accepting it the way it currently is.

- Worked towards my goals, I didn't just set intentions, I made an action plan and followed through with it!

- Lived with integrity, no more lying to myself or others - about anything!

- Released relationships that made me feel bad no matter who they were - this was a tough one for me because I had it that I "should" put up with family that were toxic to me.

- Meditated most days, the biggest gift that I have ever given myself.  A chance to recharge my energy AND be in charge of my mind.

- Made decisions from a place of feeling and gut instinct instead of thinking and rationalizing.  

- Found a sport (exercise) that I loved to do so it didn't feel like hard work to move my body and get fresh air.  This also took a lot of failures before I found what I loved.

- Started businesses that used my creativity and left the corporate commercial banking nightmare job.  Money became less important and happiness more.

- Listened to sage teachers that resonated with me.  People like Tolle, Chopra, Buddha and many others.

- Stopped watching TV, or news - this probably made the BIGGEST single difference.  My time is instead spent with loved ones, playing tennis, reading interesting books or relaxing in HEALTHY ways!

- Learned to let go of past hurts - read an amazing book called Radical Forgiveness that taught me that it's actually a GIFT if you look at it the right way.

- Increased my volunteer work - this was a huge one for me, as giving brings happiness.

- Writing a daily journal with a nonjudgmental stream on consciousness so that I noticed what stories were playing in the background.

- List 10 things I am grateful for every day which kept me focused on all of my blessings versus the "Woe is me" trap that I was slipping into!

- and finally I made a commitment to BliSS knowing that I have a choice at any moment to be happy, kind, peaceful, generous and grateful - and choose it!

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