Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pleased or annoyed it's my choice.

This is a I live in Los Angeles - a place with loads of traffic - however I don't experience it that way.  My apartment is directly across the street from Whole Foods grocery store and very close to shops and restaurants - I rarely drive my car.

One day last week - I was going to drive to downtown to buy some gems for my jewelry clients and I decided to call Uber.

This is a very useful car service that arrives within 3 minutes and charges way less than a taxi.  Parking is very expensive in downtown - so being driven makes financial and convenient sense.

I had always had great luck with the drivers.  In fact - I have a new great friend that came from taking an Uber.

But on this day the lady driving was completely silent.  She was almost rude!  I made one stop and then we were off to downtown.  I was beginning to contemplate the dilemma of how many stars I was going to rate this woman with after the drive was over?  

She seemed very frustrated and angry.  I was not enjoying this ride.

And in that moment - I decided to be BLiSS even though I wasn't "feeling" happy.  I chose to be positive and generous instead of scouling back.

I had some CHOCbite in my purse (my chocolate company) so I said, "Excuse me - would you like a piece of chocolate?  I have dark, milk or white!"

She look back at me and grabbed her face with her hand and said, "Oh no thank you - I have really bad tooth ache!"

Wow - there I was getting aggravated by the drivers lack of "kindness" or "attention" when she was sitting there in grave pain trying to earn a living.

My heart opened up with compassion for this woman.  And I gave her 5 stars.

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