Monday, September 7, 2015

Kind Thoughts Are Imperative To BLiSS

When I was much younger - in my teens - I would get upset with someone that hurt me, and I would "pay them back" by punishing them.

In my twenties I learned that reacting was not the appropriate way to handle these bad thoughts.  That hurting people ended up actually destroying my happiness so I didn't act out on my disappointments.

In my early thirties though - I still was not happy.  I wasn't misbehaving but the disconnects from my thoughts and actions were not great for my state of mind.  I wasn't being authentic.

But what was I to do?  I need to protect my psyche but running around town shouting at people was not an option.  And then - it hit me - I could actually CHANGE MY MIND!!!

I didn't have to get mad.  I didn't have to be disappointed.   I didn't have to judge. I didn't have to be unkind.

I am the writer, director and producer of my own thoughts.  So I could think kind, peaceful and compassionate thoughts and then align my actions with THOSe thoughts - authentically!

Phew - life has been much better since this revelation.  

(White Gold Ananda BLiSS by Adeline Hand Jewel with Black Diamond)

BLiSS tip:  next time you get mad at a car pulling out in front of you - giggle and forgive them immediately!!!

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