Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Noisy World.

I found myself listening to and reading everyone else's opinions.  Between tweets, Facebook, e-mails, internet marketing commercials, family, well meaning friends and biographies!  I really became deaf to my own inner voice.  My attention was scattered outward instead of a laser beam inward.

And then my coach advised me to have daily quiet time.  She said - at least 15 minutes.  And the more I meditated - the more I loved it.  My mind jumps around - sure - but the long term effect is a true grounding and connection to my own inner self.  Now, I normally relax and breath for 30+ minutes!

This is a spiritual act of generosity.  To recharge your batteries it is imperative to hear from the inside what you need.

I have learned that I have a great need to bring joy and happiness to people's lives.  This shows up in many ways!

- I do selfie off key songs  (I am a little tone deaf unfortunately) and post them on Facebook for my friends to laugh

- I make dating connections (yes there have been marriages from these!)

- I introduce business relationships ($$$$ made)

- I home cook meals for friends (memories made)

- I write hand written letters and cards and mail them (boy do I get great feedback from these, people love receiving notes!)

- I share my wisdom, knowledge and thoughts freely (to those who ask!)

- I sing to the sweet creations that you design on my online gourmet chocolate company CHOCbite (over 800,000,000 combinations available!)

And many other things!

Go inside, listen to what you hear, and then take actions towards that.  But most of all - thoroughly enjoy the journey and don't concern yourself with the destination.  Pay attention to the moment and appreciate it!  Because this is it!  This is LIFE!

Make it a SWEET day!

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