Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Preparation preparation preparation.........and then execution!

Tenacity in the areas of Health and Fitness looks like this:

  • Get present to what foods work well with your body

  • Find an enjoyable sport or exercise

  • Schedule your workouts on the calendar

  • Plan your grocery and cook times

  • Stay away from bad triggers (this means certain people too)

  • Have an accountability partner

  • Make sure never to be hungry!

I knew that after my tennis match I would be very hungry.  I also knew that when I am hungry, I will lose focus on the long term and satiate my current appetite without too much thought.

So the solution was:

Yes, I took a couple of hard boiled eggs, some cucumber and freshly cut tomatoes to the match so that I could snack immediately afterwards.  And that held me over until I reached home and could cook a healthy meal or prepare a salad.

If you have set an intention to get fitter, lose weight or just feel better, I have an experience that will most certainly help you reach your goals!  Stay tuned!

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