Saturday, May 3, 2014

Time for some Tenacity!

These are the stairs to my home.  

Just ordinary slate stairs.  They remain the same height.  There is no difference in their quantity.  Yet the way I choose to climb them can hugely impact the result.

If I dawdle up slowly - my heart rate stays calm, my muscles relaxed and my attention is loose.

However - if I choose to run up them as quickly as possible, to push myself, then my blood gets pumping, my body strengthens and I have laser beam focus until I get to the top.

The point is that life is the way it is - but how you choose to tackle it is directing correlated with you end experience.

If every day I just stroll up the stairs my body and fitness level will be extremely different than if I jog up them every night!

Even though the stairs themselves never shifted - my strength most definitely would.

The discipline to do what you know will make a difference in your life over and over again is what separates ordinary people from the extra-ordinary!

How can you increase your success tomorrow with the implementation of a new refreshed tenacious action?

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