Friday, May 16, 2014

You have the option

To make your life fun.

To have a happy day.

To be healthy.

To attain great wealth.

Yes - you can choose all of these.  It starts with an intention.  That is the first step.  You have to really connect with your desire.  Start the day with a positive context:

My life is FUN

I am going to have a HAPPY day today.



And then comes the second step - put the actions into place that back up your intentions.  These would be mine:

For fun - Organize a tennis match or go to a comedy club tonight.

For a happy day - Play music that I love while I am working.  Tidy my home up.

For Healthy - Eat lean proteins, nuts, a little fruit and vegetables only today.  Do some high intensity exercise. 

For Wealthy - Write my book for an hour today.  Make the three bowls that were ordered.

They are ARTSY and Environmentally Responsible
They are UP-cycled Glass Shower Doors
Fused in a Kiln into a Beautiful Work of Art

And then what?  Well, I must then REWARD myself for taking the above actions - so that I am not attached to the outcome of them.  I do them, because I know it is the right thing to do in the long run.  But it is possible that it takes time for the actions to result in fun, happiness, health and wealth.  After all - one day of good eating and exercise won't make hardly any difference to the well being of my body today.

So, what will I do today to be generous to myself for being tenacious?

- Spend an hour on the beach
- Read more of my book
- Have tea with a friend

So - no matter what external results occur or don't, I have control over my life and will create the internal happiness and pride that keeps me feeling successful no matter what! 

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