Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Your knowledge is NOT yours - it's ours

Knowledge is POWER!  Knowledge is MONEY!  Knowledge is GOLD!

We are all connected to each other.  I am a piece of you and you of me.  My friend and Founder of Nutburgers, Carla Lee Johnson says it, "WE are each a fractal Creator of one irreducibly inner connected whole. WE are here, in this now, to contribute to one another by bringing our highest gifts and service to this reality to co-create our new epic love story about us!" 

So if this is true - which I believe it is - then your wisdom is not yours alone. Everything that you know belongs to the collective.

Be generous with what you know, what you see and what you can contribute. You may feel like you should be paid for every ounce of knowledge in your head - how will that make you feel in the end?  

Don't be stingy.  There are times when you have to be paid for your expertise, but there are also times when you can give a hand to a friend, a loved one or event a stranger.  Don't make everyone pay or work for your assistance.

The most successful entrepreneurs, employees and coaches that I know are very free with time, knowledge and connections.  They don't hoard.  They put it all out there.

Listen to your intuition about who to share freely with and who not to. What judgments are you having that are stopping you?  Then forgive yourself and make a new choice next time.

If you are truly doing what you love in life - you would do it for free.

Here are some great books that I recommend:

Heidi Shelton, Color Your Life With Love

Colin Tipping, Radical Forgiveness

Erika Lyremark, Think Like A Stripper

Dr. Wansink, Mindless Eating

Howard Falco, I AM

And an awesome movie by Carla Lee:

The Truth Movie, The Journey Within

Most of all - remember this:


Have a sweet day!

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