Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Cockroach Analogy

Fear is a terrifying thing.  And it's not necessarily rational.  For example - take the old Cockroach.  I know that this insect can not hurt me.  That I can crush it with one stomp of a foot.  That I am much bigger, faster and smarter than it.  However, I am terrified of cockroaches.  I know, it doesn't make any sense, but there it is.

Last time one was in my home I actually went to my neighbors and asked if she could help.  Then the two of us went to another neighbor and he was brave enough to take care of the situation for me.

Yes, this powerful and brave woman can be brought to her knees by a small insect.

Life fears can be the same too.  Bring us to a complete paralytic halt.  And sometimes unconsciously.  Fears such as:

  • Being used
  • Getting hurt
  • Losing
  • Being abandoned
These often unnoticed fears are running decisions that we make on a daily basis.  

I recommend free form writing and meditating as ways to access areas of your brain to uncover thoughts that are lurking behind the surface of flight or flight!

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  1. “Many of our fears are tissue-paper-thin, and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them."
    --Brendan Francis Behan