Thursday, May 15, 2014

Be Goal Orientated Without Attachment To Winning.

I love cars.  My Dad loves cars.  I love to drive them.  Look at them.  Listen to the engine purr.  I even like the smell of gas!  So - you will often see me turn my head when a luxury car drives by.

But cars don't rule me.  I look forward to owning different luxury cars, and take the actions needed to make money to buy a lovely car, however if it doesn't happen as fast as I want - or ever - I don't get derailed. 

Sure this is my dream:

I set my intention.  I determine the actions needed.  Then I reward myself for taking those actions (and therefore don't have to get the exact result that I intended).  This creates bliss.  Because after all - the journey is the main pleasure - the attainment is just the cream on top of the pie!

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