Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Career : Generosity

In what ways can you re-energize yourself in your career to help you stay tenacious and action orientated towards your goals?

Here are three ways that I did this recently:

1.  I nominated a colleague for an award.  It took time to write the reasons why she should win, and influence other peers to also write their reasons and submit them, but the result was that she won and it brought great joy to her life which in turn made me feel wonderful!

2.  Taking tasty snacks to a meeting unexpectedly.  I have taken pastries, fruit, +CHOCbite or yogurt, and it is amazing how this delights!

3.  How about a handwritten thank you note?  Did someone assist you on a project?  Did they listen when you needed an ear?  Did they advise you?  People sincerely appreciated a little love - and it only takes a couple of minutes to do!

Being generous to others at work actually ends up serving you!  

You can also do things like make sure to take an afternoon 15 minute break, prepare a nice cup of tea and go outside with some music on to enjoy nature.

Whatever you do, make it a discipline to be generous in your career life too - it's not all about work.

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