Saturday, November 2, 2013

Expensive Versus Cheap : Personal Care

I am a luxury Woman.  Known to many as "Queen Adeline", and the owner of the most luxurious chocolate company +CHOCbite obviously indicates a woman of exquisite taste.  I definitely take care of myself like royalty.  My hair is blown out and shiny.  My skin exfoliated and moisturized and therefore always soft.

However let me tell you that the best goods for personal care are not always the most expensive!  Case in point: cotton pads.  Also known as "cotton rounds" or "makeup remover pads" - these little white puffs can be used for a variety of useful things including, but not limited to, removing nail polish, cleaning a wound or stubborn mascara!

I have normally purchased the expensive, padded, stitched and thick pads (really did I need the Organic one for $1 more???).  The "name" brand.  After an encounter with it's cheap cousin, I realized that I use less nail polish remover as the thinner and counterpart is much less absorbent, allowing me to effectively remove the color with ease!  The least expensive product in this category is the better choice.

As the name brand consumer goods are being ripped off by the supermarket chains with their in house names (365 Every Day Value for Whole Foods, Value Brand for Wal-Mart) you can discern whether you truly need to pay more to get a more efficient product.

The moral of the story is: cheaper is sometimes better - so don't fall prey to marketing ploys, make conscious choices when consuming - especially in the area of personal care!

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