Monday, November 4, 2013

Clear your "head" cupboard : Spirituality

With all the e-mail, text and voice mail traffic I get daily it is tough to have space in my mind!  There is a constant barrage of information coming through my eyes as well from social media.  And then there is the voice inside my head too - she is also very noisy!

In order to achieve a state of calm serenity, I start my day with a meditation.  For several months I have used +Deepak Chopra but I have now found a new guided 10 minute one:

The clearing of the noise is imperative to allow for creativity and connection with your own intuition.  When I am in a state of peace I make better decisions for myself.  Also, life is more fun too!

A daily practice of 10 minutes has done wonders for me!  How long do you have quiet time for daily?

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