Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tenacity versus Generosity

How do we distinguish what a tenacious or generous act is?  Well, first, we must imagine our bodies as engines.  In order to generate energy (action) we must fuel it.  Take a look at this diagram:

However, the important thing is to get extremely honest and present to which is which for YOU.  It is imperative to set your intentions correctly as something that is generous for one person may be tenacious for another.  As an example, having a manicure done:  

What you need to determine is how does it feel?  Are you rushing to just get them done for a result?  If you feel like to are expending energy by making the appointment, going to it and feeling urgent in the appointment then it is a "list" item, then that is definitely tenacity.

If, however, you make the nail appointment and are excited about it, you sit in the chair enjoying the massage and having the human connection and interaction with your nail tech, then it would be an act of generosity, something that fills you up and gives you the energy to go and do something tenacious!

The reason to fill yourself back up is that you won't be attached to the outcome of the action.  You are rewarding yourself for doing it therefore eliminating the need to have expectations of the energy coming back from that source.  

Would doing your nails be a tenacious or generous action for you?

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