Sunday, November 3, 2013

Contribution to Others : Mental Attitude

On a daily basis, we all do many things to contribute to others.  Maybe pick something up for a stranger.  Or smile at a pedestrian.  Or give advice to a friend.  Or help a colleague at work.  Yes, they are little things, but paying attention to these things can contribute to your overall happiness and attitude. 

I used to have a the words "I approve of myself!" written on my bathroom to read every morning whilst brushing my teeth. 

It did feel good to read it every morning - however - it was not convincing.  In order to love myself I needed something more.

When I draw focus to the good deeds that I have done during the day I fall asleep with a smile on my face.  I get reassured that I am indeed a good person which adds to my self confidence and self love.  Getting present with who you are when no one is watching is a fabulous way to increase self worth.

So, added to my daily Tenacity + Generosity = SUCCESS sheet, I put:

My Contribution to Others Today


It really feels wonderful to see on paper at least 7 of the sweet things that I did for other people.  What did you do today to contribute to others?

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