Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gratitude List : Mental Health

One of the 13 areas of life, and perhaps one of the most important in my view is Mental Health.  It is easy to forget to apply the formula for SUCCESS which is:

Tenacity + Generosity

One of the easiest ways to become or stay happy is by writing a daily gratitude list.  I complete mine at the end of the evening before going to bed.  It is a simple list:

Things that I am grateful for TODAY:


I try to be very specific.  Something that I appreciate that happened today.  Not the general things like "my Grandma".  Now, if I had seen my Grandma that day and we had a loving or fun interaction, I may write "watching Grandma dance at the Halloween event in West Hollywood!"

Yes, that is my 84 year old Grandma on the left, and her care giver on the right, dancing to a DJ!  This moment is priceless.

As you write this daily Gratitude list, you will notice yourself searching for things to be grateful for throughout the day, which in turn automatically has you looking through rosier filters!

What do you have to be grateful for today?

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