Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sexuality : Tenacity

What would be a tenacious action around your sexuality?  Well, for one, taking control of your own orgasm.  Yes, that is right, you are responsible for turning yourself on.

In the book "The Four Hour Body" by the famous +Tim Ferriss he talks about another book by author +Nicole Daedone called: "Slow sex: the art of the female orgasm."

Her company, One Taste, based out of San Francisco, is committed to enlivening the OM community, two people at a time.

In the book is a 15 minutes "Orgasmic Meditation" which is a specific system of meditation that includes two people and one clit.  With a consistent practice, it has been noted that the after-OM effects are an opening of the heart and feeling connected with humankind

What tenacious actions can you take to make sure that your body is awake and ready for orgasm?

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