Friday, November 29, 2013

Mental Attitude: Tenacity

I know several people who constantly complain about traffic in Los Angeles. They are often late for appointments and frazzled.  I don't experience driving like that at all.  Firstly, I love driving.  I put great music on.  My back is warm from my seat heaters.  I love watching other people in their cars or the beautiful Southern California view.  I love my car.

(This is me but this is NOT my car........YET)

If you are one of those people who hates driving slowly - here are some tenacious tips to keep you sane and positive:

1.  Can you change your driving pattern?  Maybe work from home?  Or arrange with your employer to have different hours that work around the peak times?  

2.  If that is not possible, how about learning to have a positive attitude during your commute?  What can you do to enjoy it?  Perhaps listen to a "book on tape", or good music, or sing?

3.  Are you able to schedule (hands free) calls during that time?  Either work calls so that you are being efficient with your time, or calls to loved ones? That will keep your mind off of the commute.

4.  Another option is having silence in the car and planning something in your mind for the future.  Maybe a fun trip?  Something to do with your hobby?  Or even something generous you will do for someone once arriving at your destination.

There are many ways to be causative about your happiness.  You can choose to find actions that keep you smiling. 

What do you do in traffic to keep a positive mental attitude? 

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