Saturday, November 2, 2013

SWEET day L.A. : Community + Contribution

If you have friends around you that volunteer and give back to their community you will see the joy it brings to their lives as well as the unity it creates.  On May 4th, 2013 in Los Angeles, 100+ people joined with me to create This was the SWEETest event ever! 

Local business owners contributed money to sponsor a +CHOCbite for each and every homeless person.  We visited shelter in downtown as well as handed the sweet treats to homeless men and women on the streets too.

The generosity of the volunteers was returned 1,000 fold by the smiles, laughs, connection and love that we all felt during the day.

Each little chocolate has a little "bite" out of it.  I offered one of the homeless men white, milk or dark.  He said, "dark of course, it is better for your health" and thanked me as he walked away.  Before I knew it he came running back and said, "wait, who bit this?  Who bit this?" staring at the bite out of the chocolate, and I replied, "Why yes, I bit it!" to which he replied, "Oh, okay!" and then he popped the candy in his mouth and smiled.  We all laughed.

It is imperative for complete happiness to have love for all of mankind.  What act of generosity can you do TODAY to improve the life of someone in your community?
And remember to always stay sweet (it is a choice, no matter what)!

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